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Whether you are having your morning coffee in bed, preparing dinner in the gourmet kitchen, reclined back watching a breathtaking sunset or winter storm, you will feel at home in the simple elegance of the Vista House. Located in the heart of the quaint village of Oceanside, Oregon. You will enjoy unsurpassed ocean view while visiting the Vista House.
This essay won the author A FREE Trip to Oceanside...

I would like to be selected to win a trip to the most peaceful place in America, Oceanside, Oregon. It is a place that remains secluded and peaceful as if it has been kept in a time capsule. There are many reasons I would want to visit this wonderful paradise which depicted below.

I dream about the panoramic views it has to offer, and as I close my eyes I envision the smell of the ocean and applaud this marvel with its beauty. In the afternoons, while my husband and I are lounging in the sun, we casually watch a spectacular view of a family of whales swimming by, spouting water into the air and them moving on. By exploring the small rock cave formations to witness the many seals resting before the tides to rise and they swim away.

I would share with my husband orange cascading sunsets reflecting on the ocean and moonlight walks feeling as if we were on our second honeymoon (or celebrating my 50th birthday again). We could walk barefoot on the beach feeling the sand under our feet while enjoying the serenity knowing we have left behind our daily lives for just a brief time, and that our lives have been blessed with such turmoil in this world.

At night I want to close my eyes and listen to the distant waves of the constant ocean. It can heal and calm you to the point that you never want to leave this place of grandeur and peace. It is like a sea shell that never stops the sounds of the ocean tides which keeps you in its grasp knowing that this is one of the most peaceful places that you never want to leave.

Sandra Bancroft
Chatham, IL

Vista House

By Steve Cooper of Cooper Home Inspections
From A Previous Renter:

Vista House was wonderful - especially the sunrises and sunsets. Everyone was comfortable - there was plenty of room to talk to play to be alone to be together.

We thank you for providing such a delightful home for our use.

R. LaFrance

I live in the Tillamook area, so why would I want to rent a vacation house in Oceanside?  Well, just listen to this.

How about a panoramic view, watching the waves on the beautiful Pacific Ocean, lounging in the sun or watching a breathtaking winter storm?  Would you like to see spouting whales, soaring birds, playful seals and take a quiet walk on the beach? Vista House will make you leave your busy life behind and forget about all the chores waiting at home for a few days.

Vista House is a privately-owned vacation rental located in the quaint village of Oceanside, Oregon­—where you can enjoy your morning coffee on the deck overlooking the stunning Pacific Ocean or have a candlelight dinner while watching a breathtaking sunset or winter storm.

Vista House has four bedrooms, 2 plus baths, a tiled gourmet kitchen and much more. If you have guests coming to town, they’ll love you for recommending Vista House right here in your own backyard. You’ll feel at home the minute you walk through the door of the Vista House.

Once again, the phone number is 503-842-8859. Vista house has been a longtime supporter of Kiwanis “Dollars for Scholars & Charity Drive”.