Tillamook Cheese Factory – This is probably what people know most about Tillamook County is the cheese made here by all those cows you see in the fields throughout Tillamook County. The Tillamook Cheese Factory is one of the largest tourist attractions on the Oregon Coast. The Tillamook County Creamery Association was created by a co-op of small cheese factories located throughout Tillamook County in the past. You can see the cheese being processed and packaged through windows and taste sample of cheese.
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Tillamook Air Museum – During World War II, the United States was engaged in a war with Japan in the Pacific Ocean. A US Naval Air Station was built to house the blimps that scouted the coastline Japanese submarines. There were two hangars built, but now there is only one after a fire destroyed one of them in 1992. The hangars were listed in the Guinness Book Of World Records as the largest wooden-built structures in the world. Now the hangar serves as an air museum and the rest of the base is an industrial park.
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Tillamook Pioneer Museum – This is the only full-time museum in Tillamook County and located in the heart of downtown Tillamook. The museum is housed in the old courthouse. The museum offers great information on the history and artifacts of Tillamook County.
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